Us Then

The combination of over 70 years of experience building stores and the many materials needed to satisfy our customers has made Display Craft and Interior Store Contractors capable of handling any store fixture and construction project.



Since 1946, Display Craft Manufacturing Company has provided quality and innovative store fixtures for America’s finest retailers. After coming home from World War II, Albert Weitzman decided to design and build displays for local Baltimore stores. He quickly progressed to building larger cabinetry, cash wraps, and wall units for the growing retail environment of the 1950’s. Display Craft immediately developed a reputation for quality and value as well as fair and helpful business practices.

Moving into the 1960’s, Display Craft expanded its facility to include state of the art machinery and practices. By then, most of Baltimore and Washington’s retail community was aware of Display Craft’s products and quality and now the company expanded into building cabinetry for educational environments.

With the 1970’s came the explosion of retail in the U.S., including chain stores and national department stores. Display Craft took advantage of this growth, providing its customers with nation wide delivery and installation of its stores fixtures. It was at this time that Interior Store Contractors was born, the second generation of leaders at Display Craft saw the need for a specialized general contractor that understood the particular needs of retailers during the construction of some of the first mall stores. With these two companies, Display Craft and Interior Store Contractors is able to provide nationwide store fixtures and installation as well as local general construction.

With the growth of vendor shops during the 1980’s and 90’s Display Craft has grown to be an approved vendor in the demanding world of cosmetic vendor shops. Through this experience, Display Craft has become well versed in the use of a wide array of materials including laminates, various woods, solid surface, stone, and plastic. Most of our products include complicated lighting and electrical systems that are wired in our UL approved shop. The tolerances needed to satisfy our customers forced Display Craft to install and maintain our own glass shop with modern glass fabrication equipment.

All of these experiences have led Display Craft to be able to provide innovative and quality store fixtures that are only limited by the designer’s imagination. Interior Store Contractors continues to use the strength of a full manufacturing facility to help supervise any interior construction project.