Custom Store Displays for Better Visual Merchandizing

When you’re trying to sell your products in-store, the question is, “How do I make my product stand out from all the rest?” The answer is simple: eye-catching visual merchandising. At Display Craft Manufacturing Co., we love building stores from the ground up and manufacturing unique freestanding store displays and custom capacity fixtures for our clients to showcase products like never before.

When you need to create a very specific type of display that you can only achieve with totally custom retail fixtures, Display Craft is here for you.

different types of displays


When it comes to retail store displays there are countless types. The most common type are “off the shelf” fixtures with shelves, but, when you customize your display with us, you get the right materials, the right engineering and the right production for the best quality display that’s custom for your brand!

You’ll find Display Craft to be highly experienced in every type of display you can imagine:

  • Gondolas
  • Enclosed Glass Cases
  • Hanging Racks
  • Wall Cabinets and Shelving
  • Towers and Risers
  • Tables and Stands
  • Top of Counter Spinners
  • Acrylic Blocks
  • And so much more…


When you are looking for retail display manufacturers, it’s important to see if their abilities fit your needs. That’s why viewing a broad range of previous projects is essential. Display Craft has years of expertise in crafting phenomenal retail spaces that awe customers and clients alike. To broaden our reach, we are now offering services for corporate as well as institutional projects. Take a look at our extraordinary portfolio that showcases a selection of some remarkable past experiences.

How to Ensure a Successful Custom Retail Display Rollout

The best retailers know that displaying your product well is just as important as the product itself. Display Craft will take the time to learn your brand’s needs and how we can best improve your customer’s experience through custom store displays that they will love to shop. More than that, we will help you achieve easy and cost-effective fabrication.

Some Points to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Display or Fixture Program

  • Choose materials unique to your brand, but readily available and within your required budget and buying volume.
  • Remember that fit, form, and function rank higher than look/design. Be flexible!
  • Think long-term when designing, so your display outlives trends.
  • Consider all of the logistical aspects of your project, including domestic and import production, shipping times, packaging, installation, and even maintenance needs down the road.
  • Build in enough time to prototype.

Not sure how to make it all happen? Display Craft can help you with all of these considerations!

Check out our blog for more insight today, or simply get in touch with Display Craft now! We understand that custom work requires custom capabilities, which is why we are committed to the highest levels of quality and service.

Let Display Craft Help You Create Immersive In-Store Experiences with Custom Retail Displays!

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