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Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect retail fixtures for your store? Do you feel frustrated with the lack of options and generic solutions available in the market? But what if we told you there is a better way? At Display Craft Manufacturing, we understand the challenges and frustrations that come with setting up a new store or office.

The process can be overwhelming, from envisioning the perfect layout to finding retail fixtures and office furniture that reflect your brand and enhance functionality. That’s where we come in. With our expertise in retail display, store fixtures, and office furniture services, we can seamlessly guide you toward creating a captivating and efficient space. Partner with us and let us solve your retail fixture challenges, so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.

Discover All of Our Custom Services

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Interior Store Contractors
  • Display Craft (DCMfg) continues to specialize in custom retail fixtures and commercial millwork.
  • Interior Store Contractors (ISC) provides specialized services for interior construction and installation.
  • R.A. Anderson specializes in the production of custom office environments and furniture.

Retail Fixtures and Displays

When it comes to retail, first impressions matter. Many retail fixture upgrades and flagship projects require a mix of custom-built and standard store display fixtures that come together as a cohesive program. Our store displays are designed to catch the eye, engage customers, and showcase your products in the best possible light. Whether you need jewelry displays, clothing store fixtures, or specialized displays for unique merchandise, our experienced team will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We can help you obtain everything you need, from the floor to the ceiling!


Custom Store Displays

Custom store displays play a pivotal role in the success of any retail business. When you need to create a very specific type of display for one location or mass produce the same display for many locations, Display Craft is here for you with on and off-shore options. These displays are carefully designed and tailored to showcase products in an attractive and engaging manner, capturing the attention of customers and enticing them to make a purchase. By customizing the store displays, businesses can create a unique and memorable shopping experience that reflects their brand identity and values.

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Custom Commercial Millwork

We believe that your store should be as unique as your brand. That’s why we offer custom commercial millwork services tailored to your specific needs. Our skilled craftsmen will meticulously create retail fixtures that not only align with your branding but also optimize your space for maximum efficiency. Our woodworking capabilities come with solid project management, engineering, and logistics for any size project in nearly any industry. From unique display showcases to cabinetry and shelving racks, our custom millwork displays will create an immersive shopping experience for your customers.


Custom Office

Your office space should embody your brand’s identity while providing a functional and inspiring environment for your team. Our custom office furniture services ensure that every piece is crafted with precision and attention to detail. Through our R.A. Anderson wood products division, we can produce any type of custom office furniture—from desks to credenzas and bookcases to conference tables. Our team will collaborate with you to design and manufacture custom office furniture that reflects your professionalism and fosters productivity within your own office and that of your team.


Retail & Millwork Installations

The journey towards your dream store or office doesn’t end with design and manufacturing. Our commitment to excellence extends to the installation process. Our skilled professionals will handle every aspect of retail and millwork installation, ensuring that your fixtures and furniture are seamlessly integrated into your space. With our own fleet of delivery vehicles and a talented installation team, we ensure that your retail store displays or custom millwork are flawlessly implemented. Our expertise in logistics and project management means your project will be completed on schedule.


Contract Manufacturing Services

In addition to retail fixtures, store displays, and office furniture, Display Craft Manufacturing also offers contract manufacturing services. As a trusted partner, we work closely with B2B companies that market themselves as “full” service environment providers, offering comprehensive branding, design, construction, and installation services. Our passion for building is available to all client types. Whether your organization needs confidentiality or “manufacturer-direct” work, we build it for you. From conceptualization to final product delivery, we have the capabilities to bring your projects to life.


You want your business to be successful, profitable, and able to reach your clients. To do that, you need a retail store, office, corporate headquarters, or institution that you love and that entices your customers to do business with you. The problem is that off-the-shelf office furniture and floor fixtures for retail are too plain and look like everyone else’s, which makes you feel annoyed and frustrated.

We believe you should be able to get a custom look for your business space without breaking the bank or having to compromise on its appearance. We understand your frustrations, and that’s why we have spent the past 75 years honing our craft to create spaces our clients love. Here’s how our four-step process works:

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1. Tell Us Your Vision

Share your aspirations, ideas, and requirements with our team. We’ll listen attentively and provide expert guidance to translate your vision into a tangible plan. We’ll help you create a design that attracts customers and helps you succeed.

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2. Review Your Plans

Once we understand your needs, we’ll create detailed plans and designs for your retail fixtures, store displays, or office furniture. You’ll collaborate with our team to ensure every detail is aligned with your expectations.

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3. Your Products Are Built

The transformation begins as our skilled craftsmen bring your designs to life. With our exceptional woodworking capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, we guarantee the highest quality in every piece.

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4. Watch Your Vision Come to Life

Sit back and watch as your store or office space comes together. Our dedicated team will handle the installation process, ensuring a seamless integration of your custom retail fixtures, store displays, or office furniture.

Who is Display Craft Manufacturing?

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At Display Craft Manufacturing, we are not just manufacturers. We are your trusted partners in creating exceptional retail and office environments. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and attention to detail sets us apart. Though our heritage is in designing and fabricating custom retail displays, we also provide commercial millwork, custom office furniture manufacturing, and complete installation services to a variety of clients across industries today. Our operation is based in the United States, with our main office and manufacturing facility in Maryland.

Above all else, we know how to innovate and collaborate with a wide range of clients. So, when you’re looking to impress your customers with an on-brand retail display, make your employees feel more at home in better-designed office environments, or create an immersive branded experience of any kind, Display Craft is your best resource! Let us guide you toward the store or office you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us today to start your journey towards a captivating and functional space that truly reflects your brand and vision.

It can be difficult to find the perfect retail fixtures for your store or office. The struggle to create a captivating space that reflects your brand while optimizing functionality can be overwhelming. It’s not just about choosing any store fixtures or office furniture. It’s about finding the right solution that truly meets your unique requirements.

At Display Craft Manufacturing, we have over 75 years of experience in providing customized retail display, store fixtures, and office furniture services. We treat every job with the same level of care and attention as if it were our first, ensuring that we never take our customers for granted. Our mission is to alleviate the headaches and frustrations that often come with setting up a new store or office.

So why continue to struggle with generic options or online purchases that don’t quite meet your needs? It’s time to take action and connect with us. Let our expertise in floor fixtures for retail, store displays, and office furniture services help solve your problem and ease the headache of setting up a new or renovated retail or office space. We are here to guide you toward the store or office you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact Display Craft Manufacturing today, and let us be your trusted partner on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a space that not only captivates and engages but also drives success for your business. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your retail fixtures. Experience the difference with Display Craft Manufacturing, where we turn your vision into reality.