Us Now

The combination of over 70 years of experience building stores and the many materials needed to satisfy our customers has made Display Craft and Interior Store Contractors capable of handling any store fixture and construction project.

Us Now

Now three generations wise, Display Craft continues to do what we love most…MANUFACTURE FIXTURES and BUILD STORES. “Our commitment and dedication to our clients is stronger than ever. We treat every project like it’s our first and never take our customers for granted” says; Todd Weitzman, President of Display Craft.

With a long history of successes in many major cosmetic brands, department stores and luxury brand shops, Display Craft is ready to expand to new markets and other industries needing the quality craftsmanship in fixtures and furniture we can build.

We never stop perfecting our solutions and full spectrum of services. Our facility, equipment and systems are comprehensive and capable of handling large complex projects.

Our growing list of partners now includes resource partnerships in Asia. Explore the option of off shore production or a blended mix of domestic and import products to complete your program.