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How Our Process Helps You Create Stunning Store Display Fixtures

When it’s time to open a new retail store for your brand, there seems to be an endless number of decisions to make. From choosing the perfect location, creating a personalized customer experience, selecting unique store display fixtures, and more, getting overwhelmed with the options is easy. Plus, you’re worried about staying within your budget, meeting your deadlines, and generating the right overall aesthetic of the store.

With uniquely crafted display cases to showcase your items, you can transform any location into a stunning retail space. Here at Display Craft, we understand how important this project is to you, and we want to help you design the exact retail experience you want. Over the past 75 years, we’ve developed a proven four-step process to help you achieve the precise look you want for your store while handling every aspect of project management.

Step #1: Discover Your Unique Branding

The first step in creating a stunning retail space for your brand is to have a conversation with us. Our senior-level project managers will ask you detailed questions so that we know exactly what you expect. To determine the scope of your project, we’ll first explore your brand’s image and then capture your vision for your retail location.

There is no doubt that you have ideas for how you want your retail space to look. During our sales and design meeting, we’d love for you to bring those sketches, renderings, and concepts to us. Our goal at this meeting is to get all of us on the same page to accurately help you design custom store display fixtures that draw in your customers and lead to sales. We’ll also offer our years of experience to advise you on materials, production methods, and timing.

Step #2: Design Custom Prototypes

After you have agreed on the design of your store fixtures, our engineering department will take the sketches and create a one-of-a-kind sample prototype for you to approve. This second step allows you to know what product you are getting, at what cost, and when you can expect to have it installed. We’ll ensure the materials, finishes, and construction methods allow your project to stay within your budget and timelines.

Step #3: Build and Produce Your Store Fixtures

Once all the designs and samples are completed and approved, the third step of our process includes producing your unique retail displays. Our 85,000 square foot facility provides woodworking, glass fabrication, solid surface fabrication, custom millwork manufacturing, and UL-certified electrical work capabilities.

Our thorough production facility means that we can likely create a design for your retail space—if you can imagine it, we can build it! We source all the raw materials for you, with both domestic and international partners, so you never have to worry about whether you can get the custom design or items you want for your store. Using the latest technology with time-tested techniques, we’ll expertly build your pieces with machines, by hand, or a combination.

Step #4: Delivery and Installation

Finally, the fourth step in our process includes the delivery and installation of your brand-new retail displays. We’ll first determine the most cost-effective shipping solution—whether it’s one from our fleet of tractor-trailers, cargo vans, or straight trucks, or from a national carrier chain. Upon safe delivery of your items, our in-house team will come and build within your store.

Our experts will assemble your items, so you don’t have to worry about getting them done right. We’ll also test your displays to ensure they are sturdy and affixed adequately in the space to maximize customer experience, showcase your stunning products, and lead to more sales. When we’re finished, we’ll take pictures as proof of delivery. Alternatively, if your store isn’t ready for your custom fixtures, we can store your completed items for you.

Looking for Custom Store Display Fixtures? Contact Display Craft Today!

Opening a new store for your brand isn’t easy. But choosing a store display fixture manufacturer is! At Display Craft, we are so much more than just store displays. We bring your vision to life to create the perfect customer experience and overall aesthetic for your store. With three different companies under one roof, we’re skilled in providing complete store fixtures, store construction, and even office environments. When you partner with us to build the interior of your store, you’re choosing decades of experience that will expertly design and produce your display cases to showcase your products. With beautiful displays and adequate lighting, your customers will see accurately and want your product, leading to a boost in sales. Stop wasting your time with other manufactures who don’t listen to your ideas. Instead, contact Display Craft for unique retail displays that stay on design, budget, and time!

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