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When Is It Time to Order New Display Fixtures for Retail Stores?

If you’re a retail store owner or manager, keeping your store displays fresh with new merchandise and designs is imperative to bringing in customers and increasing sales. So, when your fixtures are damaged, off-brand, old, or too dull, it’s time to order new display fixtures for your retail environment.

The right custom retail display fixtures can mean the difference between selling and just showcasing a product. And here at Display Craft, we are experts at crafting retail store fixtures that expertly feature a product in its best light. Whether you have a large retail establishment or a smaller boutique store, we can design and manufacture a high-quality retail display to replace your worn, outdated ones.

1. Your Current Displays are Damaged

One of the most obvious ways you know it’s time to replace your display fixtures is if there is damage. While sturdy, practical, and well-designed displays will last for 10 or more years, by that point, they are usually worn down or out of style. Customers bump into them with carts, lean on them or set purses or drinks on them. Even regular store activity, cleaning, and rearranging the floor display can cause damage. Heavy items may cause bowing or warping, and other scenarios can damage your displays.

If you have glass display fixtures and the glass accidentally cracks or chips, that’s a sign that you must immediately take that display out of service. You don’t want your customers or employees getting hurt on a broken piece of glass or any other damaged part of your display stands.

It may be time to replace all your displays if only a few are damaged. Since you likely bought most of them simultaneously, they may all be showing signs of wear-and-tear that will eventually lead to damage. It’s best to replace them now before they cause injury to your customers, employees, store, or merchandise.

2. You’re Rebranding

Rebranding is an exciting time for your business and is often a natural progression for many companies after being in the industry for many years. Whether you’re changing your color scheme, business name, tag line, logo, or something else to bring a fresh perspective to your store, your display fixtures, gondolas, and counters need to reflect the change.

We recently discussed why the look of your retail display matters in a blog post. Please read it if you haven’t had a chance because it perfectly describes why you need to order new display fixtures for retail shops when rebranding. A rebranding with new displays creates an excellent first impression and increases brand awareness, but it also sets the tone for your store and draws in new customers.

Having a clear brand message is essential to attracting potential customers. Retaining your old displays while trying to incorporate a new brand image will confuse your clients. As Donald Miller, author of the best-selling book Building A StoryBrand and CEO of StoryBrand, says, “If you confuse, you lose.”

3. New Merchandise Won’t Fit

Perhaps another way you can lose customers is if you get new merchandise that doesn’t quite fit into the display fixture at the front of the retail store. Whether it’s too big and doesn’t have enough space for customers to admire, or it’s too small, and there’s far too much empty space on your displays, your retail displays need to fit your product.

The right space around a product is essential to crafting a unique and attractive selling point. For example, when you view necklaces or rings, the jewelry cases are never overcrowded and give each piece a bit of breathing room for customers to admire and take in the beauty of the jewels without feeling overwhelmed.

Even if you think you may be able to switch some displays around in your store, older products may not adequately fit in your other store fixtures, so you’re just left with a bunch of products that don’t look right on their shelving. Display Craft can create a custom retail display case that fits your products perfectly, so get in touch with our team to get started.

4. You’re Giving Your Store a Makeover

Like the rebranding scenario, if you’re giving your store a makeover by changing the wall color, upgrading flooring, or adding new light fixtures, now is the perfect time to order new display fixtures and counters. Old, outdated, or damaged display cases won’t look right in your newly renovated store. There will be a mismatch that will confuse your customers and ultimately make them look the other way.

Having high-quality displays in your store is essential if you’re rearranging its layout. You want loyal customers to find their favorite products easily and new customers to be able to navigate your store. New display showcases will help keep your customer engaged and buying from your refreshed store.

5. Display Fatigue Plagues Your Store

Display fatigue is when your displays are so old, standard, or familiar that customers begin to ignore them. This phenomenon is widespread for loyal customers who may tune out collections they’ve often seen. That’s why it’s essential to keep display design fresh and routinely update your display cases for retail stores.

Ordering new displays is the perfect solution to put a stop on display fatigue. You’ll not only be able to craft new designs with your displays, but you’ll also be able to create a shopping experience your new and loyal customers will both love. In addition, a new display can make existing merchandise appear as a new product, enabling you to sell more inventory.

Ready to Order New Display Fixtures for Your Retail Space? Contact Display Craft!

We just covered five reasons why it’s time to order new display cabinets, gondolas, and retail showcases for your store, but do you want to know the number one reason to order new ones? You’re reading this blog. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t already think that you need to upgrade your old, damaged, outdated display cabinets and retail showcases.

Display Craft has been manufacturing display fixtures for retail health and beauty stores, jewelry stores, eyewear shops, cosmetics retailers, and more for over 75 years. Our wide variety of capabilities allows us to craft the perfect custom retail display fixture that matches your brand’s personality and tone. Get started today with a simple four-step process by contacting our experts!

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