A jewelry display fixture.

How Does Visual Merchandising Impact My Jewelry Display Fixtures?

Did you know that the average shopper makes about three unplanned purchases in every four of the 10 stores they visit? If you want your store to be one where they make an impulse buy, there are some visual considerations you should make. Even if you offer the best products, prices, or sales, poorly executed displays might be holding you—and your revenue—back. That’s why adequate visual merchandising is essential for your jewelry display fixtures, store fixtures, and more.

Think about it from a customer’s perspective. Would you be more likely to purchase items from a store with organized products and visually pleasing retail displays? Or would you instead buy from a store with little rhyme or reason for how they showcase their goods? Most of us agree it probably wouldn’t be the latter option. This reasoning is why visual merchandising plays a crucial role in the success of a business.

What Is Visual Merchandising and Why Does It Matter?

The concept of visual merchandising was first developed in the 1800s when Marshall Field & Company—an upscale department store in Chicago—started putting inventory in their store windows. Since then, visual merchandising has transformed into an entire marketing tactic that revolves around your products’ intentional display and organization.

But it’s not just about product placement. It’s also your floor plan layouts, brand imagery, lighting, and other components to entice potential customers and create brand consistency. If done properly, it encourages them to make a purchase and enhances their customer experience. Visual merchandising can also maximize the store and retail floor space.

What Is a Visual Merchandising Example?

Let’s look at jewelry display fixtures, for example. Not only do they provide a safe space for more valuable pieces, but they also signal to customers that what’s inside deserves their attention. Jewelry display fixtures are always well-lit and give businesses the advantage of creatively displaying their inventory to grab customers’ attention and highlight their best products.

It also allows customers to browse jewelry selections without touching or moving them around, which minimizes profit loss through theft. For any retail company, an esthetically appealing or eye-catching display showcase will draw people in and consequently help increase sales, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

How Can Visual Merchandising Benefit My Business?

Merchandise displays primarily appeal to the visual sense. The way you display products influences how customers react, what products they buy, and moves them to make a purchase. Everything from using technology to having the right display fixtures can impact how successful your visual merchandising is and, ultimately, drive sales.

Another critical way visual merchandising can benefit your business is by helping you set and maintain your brand. A business should always aim to be unique and have on-brand displays that stand out from its competitors. You can achieve some of these goals through your visual merchandising efforts. Use the same color schemes as you use in the store and set up your jewelry display fixtures, counter displays, and other retail showcases in an organized and well-thought-out manner with a similar look.

Lastly, well-executed displays and showcases will put you lightyears ahead of your competition. Consumers will associate the value of your inventory with how well you present it to them. When all your visual displays are cohesive and set up effectively, you can establish your place amid the competition and give people a reason to purchase your product.

Need New Jewelry display fixtures to Improve Visual Merchandising?

They say first impressions are everything. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. In retail, this is especially important to remember from a consumer’s point of view. Their initial reaction could mean the difference between making a sale or losing a potential customer for good!

If you want a look and branding vibe that allows you to stand out from the crowd, consider investing in custom store displays. There are various options for choosing custom displays for your retail business, and working with an experienced display company is imperative.

From jewelry display fixtures to display cabinets and clothing racks, Display Craft understands the importance of creating an enticing shopping atmosphere. We take the time to learn your business, brand, and needs to develop the perfect mix of display fixtures to help you differentiate your brand from any other in a similar industry. If you’re ready to set your new business off in the right direction, give your established business a fresh look, or just want more information on our services and available options, please reach out to us!

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