A jewelry display fixture.

How Does Visual Merchandising Impact My Jewelry Display Fixtures?

Did you know that the average shopper makes about three unplanned purchases in every four of the 10 stores they visit? If you want your store to be one where they make an impulse buy, there are some visual considerations you should make. Even if you offer the best products, prices, or sales, poorly executed […]

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A rebranding word cloud on a table next to papers on branding and a cup of coffee.

4 Big Reasons Why You Need New Retail Display Fixtures when Rebranding

With online sales growing increasingly popular, brick-and-mortar retail stores face the unique challenge of bringing more customers into their locations. One way store owners or managers like you may do that is by rebranding to a more modern color palette, style, and feel. But one key element of your rebranding you shouldn’t ignore is purchasing […]

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collage of retail display cases

When Is It Time to Order New Display Fixtures for Retail Stores?

If you’re a retail store owner or manager, keeping your store displays fresh with new merchandise and designs is imperative to bringing in customers and increasing sales. So, when your fixtures are damaged, off-brand, old, or too dull, it’s time to order new display fixtures for your retail environment. The right custom retail display fixtures […]

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custom retail store display

6 Reasons Why Retail Store Displays are Important for Small Retail Space

As a business owner of a retail establishment, two important goals are to serve your customers and increase profitability. However, having a small retail space makes it challenging to set up your store in an attractive way that entices customers and promotes sales. You may think that your space is too tiny for custom retail […]

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Green Labs’ custom store display fixtures effectively features their products.

How Our Process Helps You Create Stunning Store Display Fixtures

When it’s time to open a new retail store for your brand, there seems to be an endless number of decisions to make. From choosing the perfect location, creating a personalized customer experience, selecting unique store display fixtures, and more, getting overwhelmed with the options is easy. Plus, you’re worried about staying within your budget, […]

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Glass display cases feature exquisite jewelry at a jewelry store.

5 Reasons Why the Look of Your Retail Display Matters

Whether you are a new store owner who wants to ensure a successful business from the start or a veteran owner who wants to increase sales, the look of your in-store retail displays matters. How you display your products for sale impacts your brand’s tone and value, attracts customers, and affects sales. That’s why you […]

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Jewelry display cases at Bloomingdale’s by Display Craft Manufacturing

What Are The Different Types of Display Cases Used in Retail?

In a recent blog post, we highlighted some of the different in-store atmospheres and branding experiences that visual merchandising professionals can create using the wide variety of retail store fixtures available. That article showed that different types of display cases (aka case displays) tend to be the store fixture stars in upscale or luxury retail […]

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Upscale Fragrance Retail Display at Bloomingdales

Do You Know What Your Retail Fixtures Say About Your Brand?

Good visual merchandising in your physical retail store locations can signal so much about your overall brand and the products you sell. And, the right retail fixtures play a significant role in making sure you create the best atmosphere for your customers—one that delights and perhaps surprises, but that certainly inspires purchases while also being […]

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Augmented Reality Display

A Look at Augmented Reality for Your Retail Displays

As augmented reality (AR) becomes an actual reality for use as a selling tool, are you wondering how you can incorporate this tech into your physical retail displays? After all, industry surveys have suggested that AR will be responsible for generating revenues of nearly $120 billion by next year, 2020. Let that fact sink in […]

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jewelry display

Visual Merchandising: How to Make Your Brand Stand out with Custom Retail Displays

When you walk into a retail store, what is the first thing that you notice? Is it the product that you’re looking for, all of the signs and advertisements, the people, or maybe something else? Most of the time, your eyes are going to be drawn to any number of elaborate retail displays, especially at […]

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