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4 Big Reasons Why You Need New Retail Display Fixtures when Rebranding

With online sales growing increasingly popular, brick-and-mortar retail stores face the unique challenge of bringing more customers into their locations. One way store owners or managers like you may do that is by rebranding to a more modern color palette, style, and feel. But one key element of your rebranding you shouldn’t ignore is purchasing new retail display fixtures.

Not only does it create an excellent first impression and increase brand awareness, but it also helps to set the tone for your store and draws in more customers. But if you try to rebrand your old merchandise displays, you’ll confuse your customers and push them away. Not enough of a reason? Let’s explore four other big explanations for why you need to order new display fixtures for rebranding.

At Display Craft, we’ve been helping retail locations design and build custom store display fixtures for over 75 years. We understand that you want a cohesive store environment that leads customers onto a buying path. We know what it takes to build a successful store display to improve customer interactions and increase sales. Get in touch with our team today to learn how we can help you make on-brand displays that encourage sales.

1. Rebranding Requires You to Rethink Everything

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Rebranding is more than slapping a new logo outside your store and painting a few walls. You must rethink everything—from your messaging and target audience to your retail display fixtures and store layout.

If every aspect of your store doesn’t align with your brand identity and where you want your business to go, all your rebranding efforts will fail. Ordering new store display fixtures helps to see the new branding visually and set the tone for your entire store. Display Craft can help you create custom retail displays made from various materials.

Perhaps your old fixtures were made of stainless steel, which now proves too cold and distant for your new brand. Maybe you want sleek black store displays to convey an elevated brand messaging or wooden display fixtures to align with your core value of sustainability. No matter your needs, we can help bring them to life. Contact us today to get started!

2. People Want More Experiences

A media display with a digital image on it.

Online sales aren’t the only reason why in-store attendance is down. People are looking for more experiences and thus spend more money on dining out, arts and entertainment, and traveling. As part of a rebranding, you need to make the shopping experience even more personal. You can do that through a customized phone app that guides people through your store to the sections with items on their shopping list or through augmented reality.

Augmented reality helps shoppers in a number of ways, like trying on clothing without retrieving them from the shelves. Instead, they stand in front of cameras attached to large, freestanding screen displays and virtually swap out looks without getting undressed.

This technology solves that problem that has been haunting women’s clothing for decades. Because a size 12 in one store is a size 14 in another, it’s increasingly difficult and frustrating for women to dig through clothing racks to find clothing that may or may not be their size.

But with an AR virtual fitting room, they can try on the pieces without digging through the nightmare that often happens in racks and then have an associate get the sizes from the back for them. Think this may be too high-tech for your store? No problem! Display Craft has the technology to create interactive AR retail displays that give customers the experience they want from shopping at your store.

3. Overcrowding Merchandise Is a Recipe for Failure

A display of beauty products.

Whether it’s the rise of digital aspects to every part of our lives, or some other factor, it seems peoples’ attention spans are getting shorter. With that in mind, as you rebrand your store to a more modern appeal, you need to consider purchasing new retail display fixtures that allow you to space out your merchandise. When people are overwhelmed with too many options, as in the case of women’s apparel above, they get frustrated and leave your store.

By creating non-competing sight lines that draw a customer into your store and give them time to evaluate your merchandise, you not only set your brand apart as one that values its customers, but you also raise the value of your brand. Rebranding while using old fixtures will create a too crowded product placement, further alienating your customers.

4. Makes Existing Merchandise Appear as New

You don’t need to revitalize your entire store supply when you have new store display fixtures that match your brand and allow breathing room for your products. You can make your existing merchandise appear new with a fresh brand and retail display.

With more space between your products, new shelving options, and augmented reality displays, you’ll refresh existing merchandise, so your customers won’t even know that it wasn’t part of your rebranding. They’ll appreciate your new, modern approach and spend more time in your store, leading to more sales.

When It’s Time to Order New Retail Display Fixtures to Fit Your Rebranding, Contact Display Craft!

Rebranding your store in the hopes of increasing awareness and, eventually, sales is a fantastic idea. However, neglecting to order new retail display fixtures to align with your unique brand identity is not ideal. New store displays that are cohesive and on-brand create a welcoming feel for your shoppers. They are craving a more personalized shopping experience, and sleek, new displays can help achieve that.

Need help designing your new counter displays, gondolas, or other display fixtures? Display Craft can help! We have experience designing, building, and installing thousands of unique displays for distinct types of customers. Whether you want to incorporate modern technology or have something that matches your new brand, we can help you! Contact our team today to get started!

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